25 May 2007

Gun Sale at the Church

One of my favourite bands playing one of their best songs, I just love the biting sarcasm of the lyrics.

Beat Farmers - Gun Sale at the Church

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Beat Farmers


Michael Manning said...

Thomas: I have a friend here from the Netherlands who also likes Country music. Also, I checked out the bio you blogged about on my page and it ws fascinating!

Thomas Siefert said...

Michael: Beat Farmers is not strictly country, although they did get heavy airplay on the country stations with the song "Make it Last". When the disc jockeys heard the rest of the album they stopped playing it altogether because they now considered the song to be rock.

I used to say I like all kinds of music except Jazz, but Herbie Hancock has begun to erode that statement.

Michael Manning said...

Thomas: I saw a Public Broadcast Special with Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock playing acousitc pianos together. It was incredible!

Michael Manning said...
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Michael Manning said...

Thomas: Posting at 11/06/07. Sahara Aldridge passed away last evening and I wanted to both inform you and thank you for all the support you gave to me during the Bus Trip project here in Cincinnati, Ohio.