22 April 2007

Coffe Soap

Introducing Shower Shock, the original and world's first caffeinated soap from ThinkGeek.
A caffeinated soap? This will change society completely. Instead of taking that business representative to a coffee shop, you can just hit the showers.
I might just slip one into our shower, that way I only have to avoid the wife until she had her shower. Also I wonder if a bath tub filled with coffee would work too? That is one experiment I could easily perform on myself, combining my passion for cappuccino with foam baths, watch these pages for the result. I could even be getting some of that tan back that I lost when we left Australia, currently I'm whiter than white, I'm 150% caucasian.

Another lingual thing I always have found funny, when it comes to coffee science English and Danish prefer to have O's and A's swapped around:

In English: The active ingredient in Coffee is Caffeine.

In Danish: Den aktive ingrediens i Kaffe er Koffein.


Michael Manning said...

Thomas: Welcome Back! It's good to se you writing here again!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh...an espresso bath, with the foamy layer, sounds awesome...relaxing yet stimulating...but it'd be hella expensive.

if you do decide to do this, apparently skim milk foams better than whole, according to the recent issue of Cooks Illustrated magazine.


Thomas Siefert said...

Ican'trecommendtakingacappuccinobath,as itmakesyoureallyreallyhyperactive....

Michael Manning said...

Thomas: We need you back for Humor's sake!

zandperl said...

Have you actually tried it? I'm sceptical about whether caffeine can be absorbed through the skin.

Hadn't seen you in a while. :)

Thomas Siefert said...

Naah haven't tried it my cheapness is stronger than my nerdiness.