19 September 2006

Adam Ant Book Signing

Last Friday my wife saw an add in the Metro newspaper, announcing that Adam Ant, this Saturday, would be signing his newly released autobiography in Waterstone’s bookstore on Piccadilly.

I have never been chasing autographs of celebrities, but when she showed me the add, it took my right back to my younger days and I found myself going; “Ooh ooh, we gotta go, we gotta go!”.
So on Saturday we queued up for three hours in front of the bookshop so that I could get my freshly acquired book autographed by the man himself; Adam Ant.

That's me with my hand in the back pocket and impatiently drumming on the desk, while Adam Ant scribbles away. I must admit to being a bit tongue tied and all I could mutter was: I'm really looking forward to reading your book.

I really should thank my very patient wife Anna for waiting in line with me, it was Open House London weekend and we had already been in one queue earlier that day to see the Lloyd's building. After this she zipped off to stand in queue for another building as I cowardly retired to the Virgin Megastore to browse the DVD's and buy the CD: Stand & Deliver The Very Best of Adam And The Ants, including a bonus DVD with some of the promo videos from back then.

Sunday Anna was off to see some more buildings while I stayed at home to read the book and watch the DVD.

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Michael Manning said...

Very Cool! Host Tom Snyder of the now defunct "Tomorrow Show" in the 1980's did a deadpan introduction: "Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Adam and the Ants!" I died laughing. Actaully I met Peter Frampton at a book reading of the late Shel Silverstein's "The Learning Tree".