06 July 2006

Star Trek II, The Wrath of Takeru

He did it again! Takeru Kobayashi won the hot dog eating contest for the sixth time!
Read about it here.

The rest of this post is just a repeat of an earlier post (I'm a lazy git).

The other day driving home from work I got thinking about that small Japanese guy I saw on TV winning a hot dog eating contest. Some big fat guys had entered the contest too but they just couldn't beat this little guy.
The thought stayed with me long enough for me to look it up on the web when I got home. His name turned out to be Takeru Kobayashi and he won the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest five times in a row. His name and his all his winnings amused me to no end, those big fat guys trying to beat him had faced their no win situation, they had their Kobayashi Maru...

It also reminded of back when I was working as an electrician on a construction site many years back. Every Friday we would have a cheese burger eating contest. I ended up with the record in speed eating a McDonald's cheese burger at 47 seconds. Another guy could do it in 45 seconds but because he did not like cheese (what a wimp!), he ate hamburgers. So I could still claim the top position.

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Michael Manning said...

Excuse me, while I reach for my Pepto Bismol! EWW! I did take your test, Thomas. I wound up in a green suit so I guess that either makes me "The Flash" or "Green Hornet"! But as long as I am saving women who look like Elixabeth Hurley, I'll gladly accept the outcome!

Eric said...

Hey, where can I e-mail you at?

Thomas Siefert said...