19 April 2006

Robins Costner's Castle

This Easter we explored some of the many old castles, churches and ruins of south-west England and there are many, believe me.... if I see one more castle, church, ruin or any combination of these in the next few weeks; I'm going to SCREAM!. One of the ruins was the Old Wardour Castle that was featured in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, you know the one with Kevin Costly and Mary Elizabeth Matro... eh..Mastren.. hm...Mastub... arrrrg!, the original Queen Bitch of the Universe from The Abyss.

A sign on the castle grounds (see photo above) shows the above-mentioned two actors in a scene from the movie and by comparing it to the castle ruin we just couldn't work out which angle it was shot from. By an amazing coincidence, the day after we got back home, the movie was shown on TV and we realised that the scene depicted was not shot at the Old Wardour Castle at all, but somewhere else. The scenes actually filmed at the Old Wardour are featured in the beginning of the movie, when Robin returns to find his father killed and his castle in ruins after the Sheriff of Nottingham has made a less than friendly social call. The garden feature grotto in the photo below is also seen briefly in the movie as a backdrop when Hans Gruber (The Sheriff) greets Robin's father, with a polite: "Join us or die!".

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Michael Manning said...

Thomas: Robin Leach couldn't have thought up a cooler tour if his "Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous" were still on television! A great tale.