09 April 2006

Potato Western

Everybody knows about the Spaghetti Westerns made in the in 60's and 70's by Italian film makers. Few know that Denmark jumped that bandwagon too and created what we in Denmark affectionately refer to as the Potato Western (Kartoffel Western).
As far as I know only two movies were made and they were never meant to be taken seriously, the casting of well known Danish comedy actors saw to that. Most of the outdoor filming were done in a gravel quarry, probably to achieve the arid desert look that you see in the Spaghetti Westerns. It's amazing how much it doesn't look like an arid desert at all, it looks just like a... well a gravel quarry. In other outdoor scenes, nothing have been done to camouflage the fact that the movie was made in Denmark and it just look like good old plain Denmark.

Are the films any good?
No! and yes, only Danes (and maybe a few Swedes and Norwegians) will like them.
They got that; so bad that it's good quality to them and the actors involved are loved by everyone regardless of what they do.

The Tough Boys of The Prairie.

Gold for The Tough Boys of The Prairie.

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