20 April 2006

Car Park Trouble

When you build an underground car park, you quickly realise that it might be a good idea to protect the pipe work and lights hanging down from the ceiling. You have spent a fortune on this so you don't want to see it destroyed, so you invest in a sign.

It doesn't take long before the first light fitting get knocked to smithereens, people in general are shockingly unaware about the height of their vehicle.
So you put in a metal rail to give entering cars a friendly bump on the roof before it get far enough into the car park to cause any damage to your investment.

Now you have problems with pigeons sitting on the metal rail making a slippery mess underneath, as pigeons have been known to do.
You have no other choice than putting some spikes on the rail to deter the winged rats.

Just as you thought you had reached the end of the road, idiots start turning up, forcing you to invest in yet another sign.


Eric said...

question: why do you have these pictures? :)

Thomas Siefert said...

Eric; I'll give you some options and you can decide...

1) I'm an angry owner of an underground car park caught in a vicious circle of investments.

2) I'm someone who hurt his hands really badly when swinging from a head-room-warning-rail.

3) I'm a cynical person with no patience for morons and the measures we have to take to protect them from themselves (and too much time and a copy of Photoimpact on his hand).

Eric said...

naturally, i'll go with choice number two. :)