08 March 2006

Star Wars Radio Drama

I did the find of the year the other day at a charity shop: Star Wars The original radio drama, as heard on National Public Radio. All three of them on Compact Disc! Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of The Jedi, about 15 hours worth of the greatest adventure ever committed to film (disregarding the awful (well (to be fair), not-so-good) prequels of course). They were only £5 each and will provide entertainment driving back and forth to work in my X-wing fighter (it's really a Ford Airbag..... I think, that's what it says on the steering wheel anyway).

Also came to think about when me and the wife went to see the Special Edition Star Wars in Sydney. It was on the first night showing in Australia and people were dressed up as Storm Troopers, Princess Leia (nice buns), Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and even a Chewbacca. I didn't notice any Luke Skywalkers, nobody wants to be a whiner.
Blaster fights were fought in the theatre and just in the last moment before the curtain fell (erm.. moved to the side) Leia was freed from the grasp of Darth Vader.
During the trailers some bright people were shining laser pointers up at the screen. This went on for a few minutes before a huge bearded biker looking bloke down on one of the front rows stood up and turned towards the packed theatre and shouted: "If I see any laser dots on the screen during the movie, you'll have me to deal with!". The whole theatre cheered and the only lasers seen during the screening of the movie was the ones put there by George Lucas (even if he did put in one too many in his new version).

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