04 March 2006

Sounds of Peas

Tasmania, Christmas & New Year 2004-2005.

On a warm summer day I heard some clicking noises from the bushland behind my in-laws house. I went in there to investigate, I was sure it was some insects making those sounds and I wanted to see one close up. Even though I was surrounded by pops and clicks, I could not find any creeps to blame, only a scary looking fly-without-wings-thingy, that did not appear to emit any sounds at all.
I asked my father-in-law if he knew where to find the insects. He then explained that the sounds came from the pea-like pod growing on some plants found in the bushland.
The sun will dry the pod until it's brown and crisp and on a hot day the heat will finally make the pod crack open with a sharp click and spread the seeds inside on the ground.

I don't know if they tasted like peas as the wife refused to taste them and she's the one insisting that we have vegetables with every meal!

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