01 March 2006

The Little Difference (one of them)

How come women don't fart as much as men? My wife claims that we work differently, I don't believe that for a minute. Yet, in eight years of marriage I have only detected five farts from my wife (yes! I keep count), three by sound, one by smell and one by her reaction when I farted myself, did the sniffing thing looked around and asked: "who farted?".
So what do they do with all that gas? I once tried for a day to keep all farts in, it required a concentrated effort and it was hard work. Also when pressure were building and restraint was in demand, people would say things like: "You look troubled, are you alright?" and all I could do was shake my head while trying not to pollute the immediate atmosphere with bodily produced gases. I had bad breath for a week after.
If a man does a high-legged fart in the company of other men, they will applaud him for his wit and charm. They might even express admiration for a particular loud fart and if he can change key halfway through he will be a legend. Women do not like this one bit and men know this so we try our best not to fart in their company. But please, all women, sometimes our shields are down and if one slips, couldn't you just be happy to be considered as "one of the boys"?

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