26 February 2006

Lunar Olympics

According to NASA it is only a matter of time before we will watch Lunar Olympics from the moon on TV.
The low gravity will ensure spectacular ski stunts and crashes will happen in slow motion.
I guess all the events will be very slow indeed and that they would have to speed up the frame rate of the TV pictures, as to not bore people to death. They could always play stunts and crashes back at normal speed in order to show the impressive or gory details.

Lunar Olympics
Skiing on the Moon


Eric Ingram said...

I'll be competing in the hammer throw. The current record is held by one Jack Schmitt.

Michael Manning said...

I'd like to throw in my dibs for best side-by side docking of a space machine--like Gemini 6B and 7 in 1965. Sir Richard Branson will surely sponsor me!

Thomas Siefert said...

Eric: You will be up against dole bludgers whom were told by their fathers: "Son, if anybody hands you a hammer, throw it as far away as you can".

Michael: I will try my hands on the good old game of Moon Lander.

Eric Ingram said...

Gemini 6 and 7 didn't dock, they just met in orbit (I think they came within a foot of each other). Gemini 8 actually docked the the Agena.