12 February 2006

DVD Rental Thoughts

DVD rental stores suck here in England compared to those in Australia, the selection of titles available is not that great. As usual the movies are sorted under different categories such as; Drama, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi and so forth, just like they are in Australia. But here, when you go to the Horror section you only find twelve movies and a tumbleweed (which really belongs in the Western section). Also, whatever system it is that they use for sorting the films, it has certainly not been inspired by the alphabet. It's not that big a problem in the smaller sections, but in the larger sections with thirty movies it does get a bit tedious trying to find what you are looking for.
At best I find a DVD library divided into categories annoying, when I go to a rental store I usually look for some specific titles and it is not always obvious to me which genre the movies I'm after belongs to. A good example is: "Shaun of the dead" which is a Romantic Zombie Comedy, where does that belong? (incidentally, it is a movie that I recommend, it got a nice "Evil Dead 2" take on the horror genre). Couldn't they just put everything in one big section, sorted alphabetically and use colour codes on the boxes for genres?
Also like in Australia you can buy ex-rental DVD's after the big promotions have ended at a reasonable price, only here in England you can find new ones cheaper on sale! If I wanted a DVD that looked like some French guy had used it for spreading Foie Gras on his baguette, I would buy a new one at Virgin or HMV and I'd still have change left over for both bread and spread made from a tortured goose's liver.

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