08 February 2006

Damn it's cold

Currently I’m working on a construction site, were the main plant rooms are of the “open to air” kind with only three walls and a roof. Damn it’s cold; I can’t believe that I complained about sweating when I was working in similar plant rooms in Singapore and Darwin a few years back, I wish I was there now. The nature of my work doesn't require me to move around much, most of the time I’m just plucking away my laptop trying to get all sorts of unlikely equipment communicating with each other, all the while I’m doing knee bends to keep warm.
There’s a requirement that all people on site wears safety gloves. Fortunately the powers that be only cares about the palm of my hand and couldn't care less about my fingers. So in order to operate my laptop without errors of the “fat finger syndrome” kind, I have cut off the fingers on my gloves. Eddie Eight finger screwed up, he didn’t catch on to that it would be a good idea to remove the gloves before cutting the fingers off (he can still pick his nose, but he later received a bad cut to a finger from a frozen booger he had wiped off on his pants).
An Englishman is very understated in his language, he won’t say something like: “I’m freezing my ass of here” or “I can’t feel my feet“. No, when it is so cold that his nose falls off and drops to the floor to shatter in a dozen pieces. He will just bend over, pick up the bits in his handkerchief and stuff it away in his pocket while remarking: “It’s a bit nippy today”.

The worst part is that it has been pretty mild this year, so far....


Michael Manning said...

MILD? Good God man! Are you able to get a gas or electric heater near a work station?

Thomas Siefert said...

Michael: I would probably in a developed country like Denmark, but this is England. :-)

Instead I drink a lot of coffee and as a consequence run back and forth between my workplace and the toilet and keep warm that way :-)