05 February 2006


Yesterday we went down to Brighton on the English south coast. Here's some fresh photos.

That's not a beach, where is the sand?

Does this mean that the doughnut was invented in Brighton? I'm not gonna say what the hole looks like up close.
Mmmmmm..... doughnuts....

The place to go.

A hangout place for evil carnies.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Staying Alive, Staying Alive, Staying Aliiiiiiiiveeeeee!

The national dish of England. If you go to Brighton you gotta have Fish 'n' Chips. I was very disappointed that it was not served in old newspapers, I believe the lead content of newspaper ink gives the dish a superior flavour. The brown stuff in the bottle in the background is malted vinegar, stay away from that, it's horrible.

View from the Brighton Pier.

Another view from the pier.

Want to know more?
Fish 'n' Chips
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