29 January 2006

Ugly House

London 2006. Who gave them permission to build this?

Edwardian (or is it Victorian?) architecture and 70's bad taste does not mix very well, you don't have to be an architect to see that.


Michael Manning said...

I laughed when I saw that you made it a point to zero-in on the apparently unkempt windowsill. I agree. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in this case it means architects. When I lived in the Southwest I became non-plussed by the lack of imagination owing to skyscrapers of the predictable mirrored glass and concrete. Not very inspiring. But I suppose Phillip Johnson can't be everywhere at once, eh?

Eric Ingram said...

70s bad taste? isn't that still used today?

Thomas Siefert said...

Eric: Yes it is, but I don't think they would be allowed to build between two heritage buildings like that today.