20 January 2006


Some times you put on your socks in the morning without noticing a hole near the toes. During the day one your toes will inevitably work its way out through the hole in your sock. This is of course only the beginning of a day long fight to keep your toe inside the sock. First you just kind of wriggle your toe back into the sock, but after doing this ten times you realise that further action is needed.
Off with the shoe, pull sock down a bit and bunch it up in the tip of the shoe. No luck.
Shoe off, pull sock down a bit and bend the sock material under your toes and back on with shoe. No luck.
Off with both shoes, swap socks in the hope that the hole now is located in a different spot on the other foot and no toes will be able to find it. No luck.
Ask everyone in the office if they have some dental floss (don't tell them what its for), pull sock down, tie dental floss around sock material. No luck.
Sticky tape, staples, blue tack, asking everyone if they brought needle and thread. No luck.
Aaaarrrrgggg! That's the kind of underpants I'm wearing today.

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