24 January 2006


Ever since arriving in England I have marveled over the numerous airplane contrails in the sky. Everybody knows about the two big airports Heathrow and Gatwick on the outskirts of London. Less known is it (outside of England) that there are airports in Stanstead and Luton, both serving London, as well as a London City Airport (it is quite possible that everyone knew about these airports but didn't bother telling me). Five airports that all have a constant traffic of airplanes taking off and landing.
Living in Perth for three years have made me forget about all the airplanes that you see in the air space of Europe. Because of Perth's remote location, not a lot of planes passes over without making it a stop-over. So if a contrail is seen in the sky above Perth it's a big event and everybody will look up and discuss the phenomenon.

Boy: (looking up, pointing to the contrail in the sky) "What is that?"
Mom: (looking up, shielding eyes from the sun) "It's a bird."
Dad: (looking up, Ray Bans, no need to shield eyes) "No, It's Superman."
Mom: (looking concerned at Dad) "No, it must be an airplane."
Boy: "What's an airplane Dad?"
Dad: "I don't know Son...... I don't know."
[Silence as family watches the sky]
Dad: "Hey, let's throw another shrimp on the barbie"
Mom & Boy: "Yaaaaay!"

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