23 December 2005

White Christmas

A white Christmas is almost a myth in Denmark. Everybody seem to remember landscapes blanketed with snow and frozen lakes. The facts are that a white Christmas only happened seven times in the last century (1901-2000)*. What people are remembering are Christmas cards, shop window decorations, countless adds showing snowy landscapes, and hundreds of Christmas movies. Brainwashing really works.

I found Christmas more exciting as a child. Didn't care much for the food only the presents mattered, not the soft ones though. Now I find myself looking forward to the food. Ah well, I still look forward to the presents, not the soft ones though.
When we arrived at our grand parents place, all we kids (my sister and I) would rush through the main entrance and rip through the hallway through the living room and into the dinning room where the Christmas tree would decorated, towering over a plethora of Christmas presents.
Never got that remote controlled car I wished
for. I would always get one of those crappy ones with a trailing cable. There would be no batteries and back then all shops would be closed on Christmas Eve. So I would spend the night dragging the car around by the cable until one of the grown ups would step on it by mistake.
I never got a chemistry set either, I think my fa
mily had images of me blowing up my room if they gave me one.
Once I did get a plastic trumpet I wished for, think that got stepped on too. Same with the guitar.
Best thing ever was a tool box, now I could take things apart. The hammer would be used to simulate car crashes on my toy cars until they all were reduced to small metal and plastic bits, no longer recognizable as cars. Radios were pried open with screw drivers. Wires were cut with the cutters. Eventually the tools disappeared. It didn't stop me though, I'm still pulling things apart at every opportunity. I can't wait until something goes out of warranty and fails, it's my big chance to see how they work inside. I am getting better at putting things back together again though, in fact I'm doing it for a living.

Merry Christmas

*I knew that trivia from the label of the christmas edition of Tuborg beer would come in handy one day.


Coppermine said...

Haha, I hated getting a soft present too... damn clothes! I can't play with those.

And now, even though I want and/or need clothes, I still hate getting them.

Thanks for the interesting perspective.

Happy Holidays

Eric Ingram said...

hope you had a good christmas/saturnalia! ;)