31 December 2005

The Spanish wines of Argentina

When we lived in Darwin we once held a BBQ and I had decided that I wanted a Spanish red wine to go with the food. It's not that the Australian wines are bad, I just find it too much of a pot-luck game to find a really good wine. It can be very hard to find wines from other countries because Australia is such a big producer of wines themselves and is geographically located so far away from other wine producing countries. When I lived in Denmark I found that I preferred Rioja wines from Spain. In my opinion you never go wrong with a Rioja almost regardless of the price.
So I went in search of a bottle shop with a good selection of foreign wines. Nope couldn't find a single bottle shop selling any kind of Spanish wines.
Do you know that sensation when you are really focused on a task and suddenly the solution is revealed right in front of you?
It happened to me there in a bottle shop as I came across a red wine from Argentina. It dawned on me that the main language of Argentina is Spanish and my conclusion was, right then and there, that in my hand I was holding a Spanish wine. Problem solved. It wasn't until I was sitting in my car on my way home that I realised how silly I had been.
The wine though turned out to be excellent, so once in a while I still indulge in "Spanish" wines from Argentina.
Sometimes smart people do stupid things and sometimes stupid people do smart things. I am not always sure which category I belong in.

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