01 December 2005

Radio Alphabet & Nonsense Songs

I wish they would have taught us the Radio Alphabet in school.
I don't know why this happens, but every time I have to spell something through the static noise on a bad mobile phone connection, I can only come up with rude and insulting words.

Like: D as in Dumb, I = Idiot, S = Stupid, F as in Fu..... eh... think I made my point here...

Also I would like to, in the most polite manner, to tell the tele-marketing people that calls at night to: "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Omega Foxtrot Foxtrot".

But then again, why bother being polite to them?

In the 80's there was a Danish pop group called Kliché and one of their songs, Bravo Charlie was made up in this language. Unfortunately they seemed more interested making lyrics that rhymed, so the song is essentially just a nonsense song. I think they missed a good opportunity to hide a secret message in the song.
Though the winner of the nonsense category must be Swedish band Caramba with the song: "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot"

Hubba hubba Zoot Zoot
Deba Uba Zat Zat
A-hoorepa Hoorepa A-huh-hoorepa A-num Num
Hubba hubba Zoot Zoot

And it goes on like that for five minutes. It was actually meant as a joke from a record producer that thought pop lyrics where getting too stupid, but it became one of these novelty hits you see from time to time. I bet, if you are in any of the Scandinavian countries just say the line: "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot" and anyone above 32 will be able to recite the whole song to you.
Try finding an mp3 of it on the net, it's worth it.

I finally found a link to an mp3 of the song: Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot that I mentioned in the blog post above.
I don't want to make a hotlink to the song, but when clicking on the song title above you will be taken to a page where there's a link to the mp3 file.


Anonymous said...

Hi there..
just found your blog, by actualy searching for more info on the banc Caramba. might i offer the MP3 of that particular song?

please let me know at wcbooth@hotmail.com

Thomas Siefert said...

I already got that song as mp3. I would have provided a link to where I found the mp3, but I couldn't find the place again.
If you know of a link where the song can be downloaded from I would like that.