13 December 2005

London Car Fires

The last three weeks I've been doing some driving around London. Having only arrived here a couple of months ago from Australia, I'm still getting used to the traffic conditions.
I listen to the radio while driving to work, since it's not considered safe to read a book while driving (this is why I prefer trains). Listening to the traffic report I have been very baffled to hear about at least one car fire on freeway every morning. In Australia some days it get so hot that you will get burns by touching exposed metal with your bare fingers. But in the six years I have lived there, I can only recall three or four times when I have heard traffic reports about car fires on the freeway.
What's going on here in England? Is it very expensive to get your car towed? or does the insurance only cover when the car has been damaged beyond repair? So now everybody carries a small bottle of flammable liquid and a box of matches in the glove compartment. When a headlight bulb fails, they douse the car with the flammable liquid, strike a match and PUFFFF.....

All these car fires have probably prepared the firemen fighting the Buncefield oil depot blaze. This humongous fire was put out in only three days. The first two days the fire was so fierce that all the firefighters could do was hang around holding up their hands warming them by the heat and say 'gosh!' a lot. Then they went to work and put it out in a day.

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