07 December 2005

Inselbergs, Haystacks & Dental hygiene

On our Perth - Queensland trek we came through South Australia and there on the Eyre Peninsula we stopped at some inselbergs called Murphy's Haystacks.

Up close they don't look so much as haystacks as they look like decaying teeth. (I was tempted to insert a joke here about the famous English smile, but I won't do that)

They made me think of a puppet film they showed us in school about dental hygiene. Karius & Baktus were the names of the two characters in the film. They lived in the mouth of a boy as miners drilling shafts through his teeth. They where always calling, in a chant, for him to eat candy and danish pastry. Of course the boy developed a toothache and had to go to the dentist. The dentist the drilled, filled and almost killed Karius & Baktus. They where last seen drifting on a raft looking for a new mouth inhabit.
They must have shown us that film at least twice every school year as I can remember everything about the film in detail. I think every school child in Denmark (and Norway, where the film was made) know the songs and the chants from the soundtrack by heart: "Vi vil ha' wienerbrød, vi vil ha' wienerbrød" ("we want danish pastry, we want danish pastry").

The best anti-heroes ever, Karius & Baktus.


Eric Ingram said...

i'm always very suspicious of puppets motives.

Thomas Siefert said...

scary critters the lot of them.