17 December 2005

Cleaning Bird

After Crossing the border into South Australia from Western Australia we had to take the traditional border crossing photos. Coming back to the car we found this bird busy picking off the dead bugs from the front bumber.

It's a Magpie-lark AKA Mudlark AKA Peewee all depending on which part of Australia you come from.
Helpful little fella, I think he might be trying to make up for all the other birds fouling my cars over the years. If only more birds were like him/her

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Eric Ingram said...

this reminds me of a random bird/car story. quite simply a bird smacked into our car, killing itself.

it was kinda funny. =\

Thomas Siefert said...

Yeah, that was funny.... {sound of crickets}...... Ah well, better go pull out the old red jacket and go hunting some foxes. Don't worry they had a nice full life and I will kill them very shortly after my twenty wild hunting dogs have chased them for twelve miles. Most die with the first shot... or at least the fifth.
Certainly hope I do better than last year though. Then I got five foxes... and two dogs, fortunately it was two of the older dogs.

RennyBA said...

I was in Australia in December 1996. Did'nt have the same experience with a bird, but saw a lot of strange animals - at least for a Norwegian. But the most strange thing was to celebrate Christmas in their summer time. It was hard to get the Advent mood walking around in shorts and t-shirts.
Thanks for the comment on my blog where you see how the winter is ruling in our part of the world :-)