31 December 2005

Bloody Weather

Heathrow Airport, London. 29. December.
"Will all passengers, arriving on the flight from Copenhagen, please report to the information counter near baggage belt four".
All passengers on our flight had reached the baggage belt with our flight number displayed and was now waiting for the baggage to appear. We were already three and half hours late due to the snow in Copenhagen. It couldn't possibly get any worse, could it? Two hundred people were queueing up at the counter when a new message came through the speakers.
"We are sorry to inform the passengers on the flight from Copenhagen, that due to the adverse weather conditions in Copenhagen Airport, none of the luggage was loaded on the plane. Please fill out a form at the service desk and your luggage will be delivered to your stated address as soon as possible".
The guy handing out the forms told us that normally it would only take a day for the luggage to be delivered, maybe two days or three days at most, but not more than five days, or so he hoped.
They all knew: the people who checked our boarding pass, the steward greeting us when boarding the plane, the stewardess handing out the bad tasting coffee during the flight, the pilot saying goodbye when we were leaving the plane, the guys in day-glow clothes and ear protectors down on the tarmac, the guy we were watching for an hour at the boarding gate while he was trying to free his baggage handling truck from a snow drift. They all knew that our suitcases were not loaded. They all kept quiet about it until the very minute where we were supposed to get our luggage back.
It does make sense of course, you don't want to take off in a plane full of pissed off people.
In the end it only took them 24 hours to deliver our suitcases to our home, but it was a less than perfect ending on a trip that should have taken a couple of hours.

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