06 December 2005

Banana & Liquorice

In the northern part of New South Wales you find the Big Banana. It is claimed that this is the first of all the weird 'big things' mania in Australia.
Behind the banana you will find a souvenir shop selling all the tacky things you can think of, all with a banana theme as you would expect.

Erasers with banana smell
Pencil sharpeners
Fridge magnets
Baseball caps
Ice cream
and the list goes on....
Since the whole thing is a frontage for a banana plantation, you might even find that they sell bananas too.

There is also a separate candy shop/manufacturer, which is of particular interest to Scandinavians as the people who run it are from Denmark. Some of the candy they sell is made to the acquired taste of Scandinavians (and the Dutch) with lots of salmiak taste. Would you believe that taste of salmiak is coming from Ammonium chloride? It's true, in Scandinavia a chemical, often found in cleaning products, is used for flavour in candy. For no other reason than this, The Big Banana is a 'must stop' for Danes, Swedes, Norwegian, Finns and the Dutch.
When I was working in Singapore, I and the other engineers would often bring snacks into the control room where we were working from. We would just open a bag and let everyone help themselves. One time I brought a bag of salmiak liquorice (Super Piratos) I had been sent from Denmark and left it on the desk as usual. Two of my Singaporean colleagues spat the liquorices out immediately, one of them dry retching. The third one did finish his liquorice but I could never get him to eat another. From then on I had my liquorice to myself. Of course I never touched any of their dried squid snacks either.

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Eric said...

i probably wouldn't be the first to try and eat the erasers, either (found your site thru the BA)!