31 October 2005

Start blurb

I don't expect anyone to find my postings even remotely interesting, I'm doing this as a kind of diary for myself (of course this being very public, I'll leave out too many juicy details).
It will not be in linear chronological format, it will be notes on my experiences, when I remember them and feel like making a posting. I might make Quentin Tarantino proud.

By nationality I am Danish, born in 1967.
In December 1997 I moved from Denmark to Singapore to join my wife who was working there at the time.
In 1999 we moved to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. After only a year in Sydney we had enough of the traffic and moved up to Darwin in the Northern Territory. A year and a half later we moved once again, this time to Perth in Western Australia. Perth held our attention for almost three years before we moved to London UK where we have just recently arrived.

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