31 October 2005

Prince Charles & Global Warming

Just read an article on CNN.

Here Prince Charles tells about his worries about the changing climate and how we are becoming slaves of our technology.

He blames global warming for climate changes.
Climate changes has occurred all through the history of earth, about 5 billion years!, and to think that it have stopped now is just plain naive.
The climate changes that worry Prince Charles are probably not even something that would qualify as a change of climate, but rather a natural variation. If he is referring to the hurricanes that have hit USA and other countries in the region he is wrong too. No hurricanes or hurricane seasons have been linked to global warming by climatologists. This linking is done by the press and overzealous treehuggers.

Does this mean I'm against global restrictions on pollution? No not at all, I'm a treehugger myself, but I do think that the press a doing a poor job of conveying the issues correctly. Instead of promoting Prince Charles statements unchallenged, they could have combined his statements with a commentary from a climatologist

Slaves of our technology?
This sound like a very conservative argument, I think he has just lost touch with the technology.
I have lost touch with popular music, what is the hype with Britney Spears about? Who's letting her release music?
Ah well... I did after all have a flirt with Adam & the Ants in the early eighties :-) (I'm talking about the music).

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